Hi, I'm Karin


Mrs. Miller Runs...

I've spent a lot of time running - but this time I'm running to help improve education for the families of Wicomico County. I will bring the same dedication it took to train for the Marine Corps Marathon at the age of 56!

Now I'm running for a seat on the board...

Today school boards around the country are tackling difficult problems from addressing the needs of our students and families during a prolonged pandemic to teacher retention, substitute teacher shortages, increased disciplinary problems, and the disruptive influence of social media. These are difficult issues and will require creative solutions and, most importantly, a willingness to communicate effectively with parents, students, teachers, administrators, and other board members. It will take a willingness to look at what has and hasn’t worked in the past and an open mind to look for new solutions.

Our students deserve not just an education but the best education we can provide.


I have always held my students, and myself as a teacher, to high standards and I will continue to do so as a member of the Board of Education for Wicomico County.


Because Education Matters!


Education should not be a political bouncing ball!

Our children deserve the best we have to offer, and their needs should come first!


I will fight to improve education in Wicomico County bringing the same dedication and hard work for ALL the families of Wicomico County that I brought to my classroom.


Our schools are facing real challenges, but we CAN meet them if we ALL work together!