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Wicomico County Board of Education
District 2

Because Education Matters!

As a parent of 3 Wicomico County Public School graduates, I have experience as a volunteer in our schools as well as experience as a PTA officer in my children’s schools. In addition, I have 19 years’ experience teaching in Wicomico County Public Schools at the elementary and middle school level. Upon retirement I supervised student interns during virtual and hybrid classroom environments.

These experiences have given me an informed perspective of the challenges facing our community and a willingness to work together with parents, teachers and the community to improve the educational outcomes for ALL of our students. An excellent school system is a vital part of our economic future!

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Take Part in Something Great


Putting My Experience
to Work

During my tenure as a teacher in Wicomico County I served on the school improvement team, worked as a team member to develop and implement curriculum for a summer enrichment program, developed grade level curriculum for middle school math classes, implemented new standards for state initiatives, piloted new teaching materials, mentored student interns, and served on the Student Services Team committee. Throughout my career I welcomed parents into my classroom, communicated effectively with parents and administration concerning student achievement, set and accomplished goals for student learning. As an educator I continued to learn and grow always striving to refine and improve ways to reach and teach my students.


This is the mindset I will bring to the board: teamwork, collaboration, open and transparent communication and a passion for public education. I didn't allow drama to affect instruction IN my classroom and I promise not to bring it to the board!

Voting News


The Wicomico County Board of Education is a non-partisan election - that means that Republicans, Democrats, and Unaffiliated/Independent voters ALL have an opportunity to vote in the primary. 


If you need help determining your election district you can check the district map at Councilmanic Redistricting

Do you need to register to vote? Request a mail-in ballot?  If so, you can do all of that online at the State's website.

Board of Education elections in Maryland are nonpartisan. What does that mean? The term nonpartisan is used to describe elections in which the candidates do not run with partisan labels, such as belonging to Democratic or Republican parties. In nonpartisan elections, political parties are irrelevant to the services provided. It is also suggested that cooperation between officials belonging to different parties is more likely. Politicians in nonpartisan offices are in theory more likely to be focused on getting their job done than making the other party look bad, as we often see at the national level. Most candidates for Board of Education belong to one of the major parties, however what party they belong to is irrelevant to the election, and hopefully the decisions they make if elected.


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